April 20 in IFK Göteborg history

17 games (10 wins, 2 draws, and 5 losses) in front of 131 041* in attendance. Games played on this day will see a IFK Göteborg win in 58.8% of the cases, while 29.4% will be lost.

Games on this day

Year TypeRoundGame Result VenueAttendance
2014AllsvenskanWeek. 5Kalmar FF – IFK Göteborg 1–1 (0–0)Guldfågeln Arena9485
2009AllsvenskanWeek. 4IFK Göteborg – Örgryte IS 3–0 (2–0)Gamla Ullevi17683
2005Svenska cupenWeek. 2Kalmar AIK – IFK Göteborg 1–7 (0–2)Fredriksskans1045
1995Svenska cupenQuarterfinalVästerås IK – IFK Göteborg 1–3 (1–1)Arosvallen4746
1992AllsvenskanWeek. 3IFK Göteborg – IFK Norrköping 1–2 (1–1)Gamla Ullevi (1916)6195
1986AllsvenskanWeek. 1IFK Göteborg – Hammarby IF 3–1 (3–0)Ullevi4972
1981AllsvenskanWeek. 1IFK Göteborg – IFK Sundsvall 0–1 (0–0)Ullevi11945
1980AllsvenskanWeek. 2Djurgårdens IF – IFK Göteborg 0–1 (0–1)Stockholms Stadion4730
1975Division 2 SödraWeek. 2KB Karlskoga – IFK Göteborg 1–0 (0–0)Nobelstadion2545
1969AllsvenskanWeek. 2Djurgårdens IF – IFK Göteborg 0–4 (0–2)Råsunda Fotbollsstadion4384
1967AllsvenskanWeek. 2IFK Göteborg – Malmö FF 4–2 (2–0)Ullevi9999
1958AllsvenskanWeek. 15IFK Göteborg – Helsingborgs IF 6–1 (2–1)Gamla Ullevi (1916)12796
1952AllsvenskanWeek. 13IFK Göteborg – IF Elfsborg 2–2 (1–2)Gamla Ullevi (1916)12665
1947AllsvenskanWeek. 15Djurgårdens IF – IFK Göteborg 4–1 (3–1)Råsunda Fotbollsstadion18603
1941AllsvenskanWeek. 15IK Sleipner – IFK Göteborg 0–7 (0–2)Norrköpings Idrottspark4248
1913Svenska serienWeek. 6AIK – IFK Göteborg 4–1 (3–0)Stockholms Stadion5000
1908FriendlyIFK Göteborg – IF Göterna 3–1Idrottsplatsen


✦ 2002 (19 years ago): Forward Alfons Nygaard (at IFK Göteborg 2021–) is born in Anneberg.
✦ 1995 (26 years ago): Forward Christian Kouakou (at IFK Göteborg 2020) is born in Solna.
✦ 1963 (58 years ago): Midfielder Martin Holmberg (at IFK Göteborg 1980–1983, 1987) is born in Göteborg.

The latest...

Game was against AIK on the 19th of April 2021.
Home win was against AIK on the 19th of April 2021.
Away win was against Sandvikens IF on the 20th of February 2021.
Hat-trick was scored by Robin Söder against Kalmar FF on the 26th of August 2019.
Clean sheet Giannis Anestis kept against AIK on the 19th of April 2021.
Red card was handed to Pontus Wernbloom against Malmö FF on the 26th of March 2021.

*) Early era games and friendlies often have no known attendance or are rounded estimates.