January 25 in IFK Göteborg history

2 games, whereof 1 win, 0 draws, and 1 loss in front of 450* in attendance. Games played on this day will see a IFK Göteborg win in 50% of the cases, while 50% will be lost.

Games on this day

Year TypeRoundGame Result VenueAttendance
2013FriendlyIFK Göteborg – FK Sjachtar Donetsk (n) 1–2 (0–0)La Manga450
1985FriendlyIFK Göteborg – Halmstads BK 4–3Valhalla Idrottsplats (grus)


✦ 1945 (75 years ago): Goalkeeper Rolf "Poffa" Pettersson (at IFK Göteborg 1964–1970) is born in Göteborg.
✦ 1911 (109 years ago): Midfielder Harry "Settis" Setterlund (at IFK Göteborg 1934/35) is born in Göteborg. Setterlund passed away 2003, 92 years old.

*) Early era games and friendlies often have no known attendance or are rounded estimates.