Örjan Martinsson

Inside right for IFK Göteborg 1961

1 season, 11 games and 16 goals

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Örjan Martinsson
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Örjan Martinsson
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Örjan Martinsson

Full name: Gustaf Örjan Martinsson
Born: 1936-11-01 in Motala | 1997-02-28
Win percentage (known games): 83.3%
20 caps (5 goals)


Gustaf Örjan Martinsson was born on November 1, 1936 in Motala and made his IFK Göteborg debut in the 1961 season, which was also the debut season of team mate Rolf Eklöf. He spent one season with the IFK Göteborgs first team, and during his career he played in 11 first team games and scored 16 goals. In total, Martinsson has represented his country at the highest level on 20 occasions and scored 5 goals. He currently holds the individual club record of Most goals in a game against Norrby IF (4). Martinsson passed away in 1997, 60 years old.

Örjan Martinsson, signatur

Statistics per season

SeasonLeagueSvenska cupenFriendliesOthers Total
19610011 / 16011 / 16

Other statistics

Win percentage 83.3%

Statistics per type of game

Games Goals Goal avg.

Individual club records (1)*

Most goals in a game against Norrby IF 4
*) In order to get the record against another team, IFK Göteborg must have played the other team at least 5 times.

7 games and 12 goals in the database

Date Game ResultGame typePositionGoalsAssists
1961-12-15Cairo Selected – IFK Göteborg L 4–1 (0–1)FriendlyCentre forward00
1961-11-29All Chinese – IFK Göteborg W 2–2 (1–0)FriendlyInside right20
1961-11-26All Hong Kong – IFK Göteborg W 2–2 (2–1)FriendlyInside right 4600
1961-11-23Singapore – IFK Göteborg W 1–5 (1–2)FriendlyInside right20
1961-11-22Singapore-komb. – IFK Göteborg W 1–6 (0–3)FriendlyCentre forward30
1961-11-19Malaya Football Association – IFK Göteborg W 3–4 (2–2)FriendlyInside right10
1961-10-29Norrby IF – IFK Göteborg W 4–7 (2–4)FriendlyForward40