Elving Molin

Outside left for IFK Göteborg 1966

1 season, 15 games and 1 goal

Elving Molin

Full name: Ernst Elving Roger Molin
Born: 1942-09-09 in Vänersborg (81 years)
Win percentage (known games): 27.3%


Ernst Elving Roger Molin was born on September 9, 1942 in Vänersborg and made his IFK Göteborg debut in the 1966 season, which was also the debut season of team mate Håkan Eklund. At 23 years, 7 months and 14 days, on April 24, 1966, he took part his first competetive game against IFK Norrköping in an Allsvenskan game that ended 1–4. He has spent one season with the IFK Göteborgs first team, and during his career he played in 15 first team games and scored 1 goals. Out of these 15 first team games, 3 were Allsvenskan games.

Elving Molin is with his 3 Allsvenskan games number 445 on the list of those who have competed in most Allsvenskan games for IFK Göteborg. 81 year old Molin completed his last season with IFK Göteborg 1966.

Statistics per season

SeasonLeagueSvenska cupenFriendliesOthers Total
19663 / 0011 / 11 / 015 / 1

Other statistics

Win percentage 27.3%
Win percentage in Allsvenskan 0%

Statistics per type of game

Games Goals Goal avg.
UEFA Intertoto Cup100

11 games and 1 goal in the database

Show games as an unused substitute

Date Game ResultGame typePositionGoalsAssists
1966-06-18Szombierki Bytom – IFK Göteborg L 8–0 (4–0)Intertotocupen, Omg. 1 Substitute ?00
1966-05-15IFK Göteborg – Hälsingborgs IFW 1–0 (0–0)Allsvenskan, Week 4 Substitute ?00
1966-05-01Djurgårdens IF – IFK Göteborg L 2–0 (1–0)Allsvenskan, Week 2 Outside left00
1966-04-24IFK Norrköping – IFK Göteborg L 4–1 (1–1)Allsvenskan, Week 1 Outside left00
1966-04-17IFK Göteborg – Örgryte ISD 3–3 (2–3)Friendly Outside left00
1966-04-11IFK Göteborg – Gnosjö IFW 8–1 (2–0)Friendly Outside left10
1966-04-09IFK Göteborg – Hässleholms IFL 1–2 (0–1)Friendly Inside left00
1966-04-06IFK Göteborg – Örgryte ISL 0–1 (0–0)Triangelserien Inside left00
1966-04-03GAIS – IFK Göteborg D 1–1 (1–0)Triangelserien Substitute 4600
1966-03-12IFK Göteborg – Fredrikstad FKL 1–2 (1–2)FriendlyRight-half00
1966-02-27IFK Göteborg – Alingsås IFW 3–0 (1–0)Friendly Outside left00