Olof Tell

Outside left for IFK Göteborg 1908-1909

2 seasons, 16 games and 2 goals

Olof Tell
2 / 4
Olof Tell
3 / 4
Olof Tell
4 / 4
Olof Tell

Full name: John Olof Albert Tell
Born: 1892-06-16 in Göteborg
Win percentage: 37.5%
Swedish champion in 1908


John Olof Albert Tell was born on June 16, 1892 in Göteborg and made his IFK Göteborg debut in the 1908 season, which was also the debut season of team mate Henning Svensson. At 16 years, 2 months and 6 days, on August 23, 1908, he took part his first competetive game against IFK Eskilstuna in a Svenska mästerskapet game that ended 5–2. He has spent two seasons with the IFK Göteborgs first team, and during his career he played in 16 first team games and scored 2 goals. Tell won the Swedish championship with IFK Göteborg in 1908.
It's worth noting that the statistics for players who had their debut ahead of the 1920 season is, or could be, incomplete.

Statistics per season

SeasonLeagueSvenska cupenFriendliesOthers Total
1909006 / 106 / 1
1908006 / 04 / 110 / 1

Other statistics

Win percentage 37.5%

Statistics per type of game

Games Goals Goal avg.
Swedish Championship410.25

16 games and 2 goals in the database

Date Game ResultGame typePositionGoalsAssists
1909-06-18Örgryte IS – IFK Göteborg L 4–2 (3–0)Distriktsmästerskapet, Final Outside left00
1909-06-11IFK Göteborg – Quinton AFCL 2–4Friendly Outside left10
1909-05-16IFK Göteborg – Djurgårdens IFW 4–3 (3–1)Friendly Outside left01
1909-05-02Örgryte IS – IFK Göteborg L 4–1 (3–0)Corinthian Bowl, Semi-finalOutside right00
1909-04-25IFK Göteborg – Mariebergs IKL 4–6 (0–4)FriendlyOutside right00
1909-03-28IF Göterna – IFK Göteborg L 8–1Friendly Outside left00
1908-12-13IFK Göteborg – Örgryte ISW 3–1 (1–1)Krokslättspokalen, Semi-final Outside left00
1908-11-29IFK Göteborg – Örgryte ISL 3–4 (1–2)Friendly Outside left00
1908-11-01IFK Göteborg – Østerbro BKD 3–3 (1–3)Friendly Outside left00
1908-10-18IFK Stockholm – IFK Göteborg L 5–2 (4–1)Kamratmästerskapet, Final Outside left00
1908-10-11IFK Göteborg – IFK UppsalaW 4–3 (3–3)Svenska mästerskapet, Final Outside left00
1908-10-04IFK Göteborg – IK SleipnerW 10–0 (4–0)Svenska mästerskapet, Semi-final Outside left00
1908-09-27IFK Göteborg – Örgryte ISL 2–3 (0–3)Friendly Outside left00
1908-09-13Malmö BoIF – IFK Göteborg D 3–3 (3–0)Svenska mästerskapet, Omg. 2 Outside left10
1908-08-23IFK Eskilstuna – IFK Göteborg W 2–5 (2–1)Svenska mästerskapet, Omg. 1 Outside left00
1908-05-30IFK Göteborg – Göteborgs FFW 2–0 (1–0)Distriktsmästerskapet, Semi-final Outside left00