| 2002 |

Tuesday 11th of June 2002 kl 19:00: Friendly game

IFK Göteborg – GIF Sundsvall (n)

IFK Göteborg

3 – 2

(0 – 2)

Referee: Leif Sundell
Venue: Mockfjärds Idrottsplats
Season: 2002
Average age: 27.2 years

GIF Sundsvall


On Tuesday 11th of June 2002, in what was the 19th game between the two teams ever played, IFK Göteborg and GIF Sundsvall played on a neutral venue for a friendly game at Mockfjärds Idrottsplats. The game, which saw a lot of goals, was refereed by Leif Sundell and ended in a narrow victory for IFK Göteborg: 3-2, after trailing in half time by 0-2. IFK Göteborg's goals scored by Gustaf Andersson (2 goals) and Jimmy Paulsén (Svensson).