Folke Franzén

Player at IFK Göteborg 1904

1 season, no known games

Born: 1888-02-15 in Göteborg | ✝ 1919-10-20
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Folke Franzén was born on February 15, 1888 in Göteborg and made his IFK Göteborg debut in the 1904 season, a debut season he shares with Nils Andersson. He spent one single season at IFK Göteborg. Since he had his debut in the 1904 season, he was part of the very first IFK Göteborg squad, shortly after the club had been founded on the fourth of October the same year. Franzén passed away in 1919, aged 31.

It's worth noting that the statistics for players who had their debut ahead of the 1920 season is, or could be, incomplete.

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