Rune Johansson

Försvarare i IFK Göteborg 1944/45, 1946/47

2 seasons, 3 games and 0 goals

Rune Johansson

Home-grown player
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It is not known where Rune Johansson was born, but he was given a chance in the first team and made his IFK Göteborg debut in the 1944/45 season, which was also the debut season of team mate Allan Brufelt (Andersson). Johansson was part of IFK Göteborg's youth program before making his debute with the first team, and is as a result of that regarded by the club as a home-grown player. He has spent two seasons with the IFK Göteborgs first team, and during his career he played in 3 first team games.

Statistics per season

SeasonLeagueSvenska cupenFriendliesOthers Total
1946/47001 / 001 / 0
1944/45002 / 002 / 0

Statistics per type of game

Games Goals Goal avg.