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Sunday 15th of May 1960: Allsvenskan, round 5

Sandvikens IF – IFK Göteborg

Sandvikens IF

2 – 2

(2 – 2)

Attendance: 9 502
Referee: Lennart Nylén
Venue: Jernvallen
Season: 1960
Average age: 26.6 years

IFK Göteborg
Sunday 15th of May 1960: Sandvikens IF – IFK Göteborg 2–2


On Sunday 15th of May 1960, in what was the 39th game between the two teams ever played, and 38th in Allsvenskan, IFK Göteborg visited Sandvikens IF in Allsvenskan's 5th round, in front of 9 502 in attendance at Jernvallen. The game, which was refereed by Lennart Nylén, ended in a draw: 2-2, which also was the score at half time. IFK Göteborg's goal scored by Owe Ohlsson, the other goal or goals were either scored by an unknown scorer or own goal(s).