| 2021 |

Sunday 21st of November 2021 kl 17:30: Allsvenskan, round 28

IK Sirius – IFK Göteborg

IK Sirius

3 – 3

(2 – 2)

Attendance: 4 197
Referee: Glenn Nyberg
Venue: Studenternas Idrottsplats
Season: 2021
Average age: 29.1 years

IFK Göteborg

Lineup (4-4-2)



On Sunday 21st of November 2021, in what was the 20th game between the two teams ever played, and twelveth in Allsvenskan, IFK Göteborg visited IK Sirius in Allsvenskan's 28th round, in front of 4 197 in attendance at Studenternas Idrottsplats. The game, which saw a lot of goals, was refereed by Glenn Nyberg and ended in a draw: 3-3, after a half time draw (2-2). IFK Göteborg's goals scored by Mattias Bjärsmyr, Hosam Aiesh and Oscar Vilhelmsson.