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Sunday 14th of October 1923: Friendly game

IFK Borås – IFK Göteborg

IFK Borås

0 – 6

Referee: Harry Lindqvist
Venue: Ramnavallen
Season: 1923-24
Average age: 27.5 years

IFK Göteborg
Sunday 14th of October 1923: IFK Borås – IFK Göteborg 0–6


On Sunday 14th of October 1923, in what was the third (and the most recent) game ever between the two teams, IFK Göteborg visited IFK Borås for a friendly game at Ramnavallen. The game, which saw a lot of goals, was refereed by Harry Lindqvist and ended in a walkover victory for IFK Göteborg: 6-0. IFK Göteborg's goals scored by Herbert Sandström (2 goals), Konrad Törnqvist, Erik Hjelm and Gunnar Rydberg, the other goal or goals were either scored by an unknown scorer or own goal(s).